Learning New Things

One of the reasons I started over at Almost Fearless was to learn. And learn and learn. Because yes, I’m one of those people who would happily stay in school forever and one of the things I really love about writing is that it provides an excellent reason to research new things. It’s like my job is learning: about people, about places, about cultures or food or parenting or sports or investing. I have a reason (excuse?) to study everything. Which I truly love.

This week, it’s been learning how to integrate social media into a publication. I’m not sure I have the best eye yet for photos, but I’m getting better every day, and surprising myself by enjoying finding the photos. This week’s topic: Toddlers Who Shred and Tear Up The Slopes.

For anyone wondering why I chose that topic, here are exhibits A, B and C. My kids when they were tiny skiers:


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